When it comes to achieving the perfect rich pasta dish or heavenly dessert, we all usually reach for a pot of cream.

Elmlea was launched in the UK in 1984, it was the first cream alternative to meet the needs of time-pressed consumers who wanted convenience along with the great taste of real cream.

Elmlea is the real alternative to cream, and is a blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils and is classified as a dairy cream alternative (DCA).  100 ml of fresh single cream has 200kcal while the same serving of Elmlea Single Light has only 124kcal – so feel free to spoon some on your puddings!

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  • Elmlea last a lot longer than cream. In fact, if unopened, it can stay in the fridge for up to eight weeks without going off.

  • Elmlea is versatile too, and has at least 30% less fat than the cream equivalent - the light varieties contain at least 50% less fat than double or single cream

  • The traditional time to have a cream tea is 4pm - the perfect time to enjoy a cup of PG tips with scones, jam and Elmlea Whipping

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