Founded in Norwich in 1814, Colman’s has been at the heart of British dinner times for nearly 200 years, making it the oldest brand in the Unilever portfolio.

Colman’s has a proud tradition and rich heritage spanning these past two centuries - few brand names can boast such a firm link with a product in the way that Colman’s has become synonymous with mustard.

In 1814, Jeremiah Colman first advertised his mustard in the Norwich Chronicle. He made his mustard at a water mill just south of Norwich, and in keeping with the day, the business was family-run. Still produced in Norwich today, the town in steeped in Colman’s history and, in particular, the family’s pioneering achievements in social welfare: in 1857 a school was opened for the employees' children, while in 1864 the company employed a nurse to help sick members of staff - a social revolution at the time.

The familiar bull's head logo has been part of much of the brand’s long-standing history, first appearing on the company's English Mustard in 1855. Introduced as the firm's trademark, the bull's head remains a symbol of both the tradition and quality that has always been part and parcel of Colman’s, from the early 1800s to today.

The distinctive red and yellow livery too is an historic mark and was introduced to the label in 1866. In that same year, the ultimate seal of approval came when the company was granted the Royal Warrant as manufacturers to Queen Victoria - the Warrant which can still be seen on all Colman's products today.

The welfare benefits introduced by Jeremiah Colman parallel with Lord Lever’s work in the village of Port Sunlight, the birthplace of Unilever, later in the 19th century, making the purchase of the Colman’s brand by Unilever in 1995 a natural next step in its journey. Today, Colman’s not only provides the UK’s favourite range of mustards, there are also condiments like mint, apple and tartare sauce in both the UK and Ireland, plus a wide selection of casserole mixes, pour over sauces and gravies, all designed to help family meals taste great.


Colman's 200th Anniversary
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  • How are you using Colman's Mustard in your kitchen? Reply and tell us how you utilize Colman's unique zest!

    03 Feb

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  • Mustard’s scientific name is Brassica Nigra & Brassica Alba, & its made from the seeds of plants in the Cruciferae family.

    27 Jan

  • Make your meals instantly meatylicious with Colman's Hot Dog Mustard. Deliciously mild and tasty, enjoy helpings on your hot dogs or your bangers and mash.

  • At Colman's we believe you deserve the very best. That's why we select quality ingredients for all of our recipe mixes that are seasonally harvested to deliver great tasting family favourites. And they're free from artificial colours, preservatives and there's no added MSG.

  • Only carefully selected herbs and veggies are allowed to grace our recipe mixes, guaranteeing delicious results that'll have your family asking for more.

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