Our story started in 1865 in Tuscany where Francesco and Caterina BERTOLLI sold the family’s olive oil from a shop underneath their family home in the beautiful little town of Lucca.

Since then, BERTOLLI has grown to become an international brand, enjoyed by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine all around the world, producing a wide variety of authentic Italian foods.

It's a long and delicate process to transform olives into olive oil - from harvesting and crushing to kneading, extraction and storage - but everything we do at BERTOLLI is rooted in the pleasures, passion and principles which contribute to the unique flavours of Italian cuisine. Like the Italians, we take fine ingredients, combine them carefully with specially selected olive oil, and produce foods that are deceptively simple and totally delicious.

Our reputation is built on Francesco and Caterina’s now world-famous olive oils but we make pasta sauces with our olive oil too. This means you can add the BERTOLLI magic to dishes made with pasta and bruschetta which are an important part of Italian cooking along with fresh salads and vegetables.

Based on traditional recipes that celebrate ripe, sun-touched flavours, BERTOLLI products are an easy way to bring a true taste of Italian life into your home.

One particularly easy and enjoyable way to include a touch of olive oil in your diet everyday is to eat BERTOLLI spread made with BERTOLLI olive oil. As an alternative to butter, it might make your diet a little healthier. Whether you’re spreading it on crusty bread or melting it on fresh vegetables, it always tastes delicious.

*BERTOLLI is made in the UK with Mediterranean olive oil.

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  • Using BERTOLLI olive oil spread instead of butter is an easy and enjoyable way to introduce the health benefits of olive oil into your everyday diet.

  • BERTOLLI olive oil spread has 74% less saturated fat than butter and is high in monounsaturated fat.

  • Bring the Mediterranean into your cooking with BERTOLLI pasta sauces.

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