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When Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield met in gym class in 1963, they realised that they hated running, but loved food.

Ben & Jerry also agreed that it was no fun being in business just to earn a living – they wanted to enjoy themselves and make a difference too.

In 1977 they enrolled in a $5 correspondence course in ice cream and a year later they started their Ben & Jerry’s business in a renovated petrol station. Their recipe was a sophisticated concoction: a blend of fresh Vermont milk, cream and generous portions of, well, whatever ingredients took their fancy on any given day.

In 1982 they moved to new premises and by 1986 it was time to open a new plant in Waterbury, Vermont. Over the years more and more people discovered the delights of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, until by the end of the 80s, they had over 80 ice cream scoop shops in 18 American states.

It was around about this time too that the best friends decided to put down their beliefs in writing, that making the best possible ice cream should be done in the nicest possible way, and created their three part mission statement – an approach to business that still lives strong today, evidenced most recently by the range becoming fully Fairtrade certified in 2011.

The following decade Ben & Jerry’s spread its wings and went global, popping up in the UK by 1994, then Ireland in 2000, closely followed by the rest of Europe.

With flavour names like Phish Food and Karamel Sutra, Ben & Jerry’s has built a reputation over the years as a fun-loving company with a unique and creative approach to business.
The company was acquired by Unilever in 2000, offering lovers of Ben & Jerry’s even more choice in more places.

In the latest part of the Ben & Jerry’s journey, 2012 saw the launch of the new Core range - delicious soft cores surrounded by two Fairtrade ice creams. Have you tried Karamel Sutra, Dough-ble Whammy and Berry White and let your taste buds dive into the soft core?

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  • Ben & Jerry’s celebrates ‘Free Cone Day’ each year, to mark the anniversary of the first scoop shop opening in 1978.

  • All Ben & Jerry's ice creams are suitable for vegetarians. That’s right, we don’t use any meat products, including gelatine.

  • Ben and Jerry’s is climate neutral, from cow to tub. We have a social, product and economic mission so visit our site at to find out more.

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